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Game Design Elements #3: Your Game’s Pulse

I kind of wrestled with this one, trying to figure out an appropriate name for this particular element (grouping), but I think I hit this one about right. So what do I mean by “pulse”? More or less, I’m talking

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In Pursuit

Man oh man. Lately, I just feel like my well of creativity gets these little spurts and then runs dry or something. I haven’t worked consistently on¬†a game project for about 1.5-2 months now with the exception of the LD27¬†competition

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Game Design Elements #2: Positioning

For the second installment of my GDE posts, I’m going from the fourth dimension and going back to the original three. OK, in other words, I’m going to talk about the dimension of space… positioning. Your player, stage objects… you

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Solarions Post-Mortem

So I finally made it completely through my first Ludum Dare. I must say, I was quite happy with this. I’ve been wanting to do this for around a year and half now, and for one reason or another (typically

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