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Stencyl For Noobs : Intro to Boolean (True/False) Logic

This is a “Stencyl For Noobs” guide! Take 5-10 minutes to go over this guide for a better understanding of the topic at hand!  Intro to Boolean (True/False) Logic What we’re learning: Booleans (true/false values): what they are, and why they

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Pace, Pace, Pace…

I’ve been playing some flash games here and there, and from my perspective a game’s “pace” seems to be one of those things that can be very tricky to fine-tune. A little too slow, and the player’s bored; a little

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Why is level design SO HARD?!

Seriously. Its not that I don’t like it (all the time :P). Its just that it seems SO DIFFICULT AT TIMES. I think part of the problem is easy. Depending on the size of your game, its perhaps easy to

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Stencyl For Noobs : Positioning and Movement

This is a “Stencyl For Noobs” guide! Take 5-10 minutes to go over this guide for a better understanding of the topic at hand! Positioning and Movement What we’re learning: How to move your actors around effectively; keeping multiple position/movement blocks from fighting

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Getting Serious About Pixel Art

So as a hobbyist game designer who flies solo, I’m starting to work on my skills in the art known as pixel art. I’ve been sketching and drawing for a long time. I’ve even taken some classes on art. Though

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Got Mad Skills? – Part I

Possibly my favorite video game series of all time is Mega Man. I am a fan of the Mega Man. Even to this day, the classic Mega Man games are regarded as some of the best platformers ever made. And

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Platformers: Horizontal Vs. Vertical Gameplay

Comparatively speaking, horizontal is easier to handle than vertical in my opinion. Consider pacing, for instance. If you have a run-and-jump game where you have to move primarily horizontal or primarily vertical, you typically can accomplish a quicker pace going left

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Failing to Prepare is… Well, Yeah….

I like to code. Seriously, programming is my academic passion. And sometimes I just want to get into it and build the game! What I’m not so good at perhaps is the planning part… Now, you can be extreme on

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Emulating Double Taps

As some of you may know, cluttering control schemes with buttons can become cumbersome to the player. In some instances, it is a necessity, but at other times you want a more fluid way to do things without adding ten

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The “Do After” Dilemma : Building Your Own Time Tracking Mechanic

What’s wrong with this logic? Looks simple enough, doesn’t it? Imagine a hypothetical situation where you have some sort of player actor who can do something like curl up into a spiked ball and attack. Accordingly, we want the actor to

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