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30-30 Unit #01 – Siege Blaster

That’s it. I’ve tasked myself with a new challenge. It’s time to start making games and getting better at this jazz. I gave it quite a bit of thought. I wanted to come up with something that wouldn’t only sharpen

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Game Design Elements #4: Variation – Basic Concepts

Its safe to say a lot of us get bored pretty easily, huh? We like to shake things up and keep it interesting! If you want your video game to succeed, it needs variation! Nobody wants to do the exact

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Game Design Elements #3: Your Game’s Pulse

I kind of wrestled with this one, trying to figure out an appropriate name for this particular element (grouping), but I think I hit this one about right. So what do I mean by “pulse”? More or less, I’m talking

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Game Design Elements #2: Positioning

For the second installment of my GDE posts, I’m going from the fourth dimension and going back to the original three. OK, in other words, I’m going to talk about the dimension of space… positioning. Your player, stage objects… you

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GALAGA and the Allure of Power

Well, I’m on vacation right now, and there’s an arcade with GALAGA in it. One of my favorite classic arcade games, for your information. So naturally, I was going to sink some quarters into this old machine. So I’m playing

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Boss Rooms?

I was thinking about an interesting gameplay mechanic: what if there was a game that had no boss rooms? OK, don’t get smart with me; there would still be bosses themselves. Just no traditional boss rooms. You could enter a

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Pace, Pace, Pace…

I’ve been playing some flash games here and there, and from my perspective a game’s “pace” seems to be one of those things that can be very tricky to fine-tune. A little too slow, and the player’s bored; a little

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Why is level design SO HARD?!

Seriously. Its not that I don’t like it (all the time :P). Its just that it seems SO DIFFICULT AT TIMES. I think part of the problem is easy. Depending on the size of your game, its perhaps easy to

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Getting Serious About Pixel Art

So as a hobbyist game designer who flies solo, I’m starting to work on my skills in the art known as pixel art. I’ve been sketching and drawing for a long time. I’ve even taken some classes on art. Though

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Got Mad Skills? – Part I

Possibly my favorite video game series of all time is Mega Man. I am a fan of the Mega Man. Even to this day, the classic Mega Man games are regarded as some of the best platformers ever made. And

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