Pixel Ninja

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** Game Info **

Current Status: Released 
Genre: (Survival) Platformer
Release Date: April 2013
Other: Made in Stencyl for the 2013 Stencyl Jam

Pixel Ninja is a frenetic, survival-style platformer game spanning three different stages, a fist load of enemies, and ninja tactics galore. It is my first publicly released game and, though far from perfect, still a fun and engaging title in its own regard. How long can you survive against the onslaught? Throw stars and shurikens, “stealth” through enemies, and beat the odds. Its Pixel Ninja; are you ready to kick some pixel?

Play on Kongregate:

Batteries Not Included

BNI Icon

** Game Info **

Current Status: Released
Genre: Puzzle Platformer
Release Date: December 16, 2013
Other: Made for Ludum Dare 28 jam in cooperation with Max Glockling Games

Made with an aim at the LD theme “You Only Get One”, take control of three robots who only have one battery to use amongst themselves! Utilize each robot’s unique attributes to clear some tricky puzzles and reach the lever at the end of each stage. Be careful: each robot consumes battery power at a specific rate, so plan accordingly or these three bots may get left in the dark.

Special thanks to Max Glockling Games for his artwork.

Play on Stencyl:


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