Tutorial Archive

Looking for some assistance? Welcome to Photon’s Tutorial Archive! Browse the topics and check out the guides and tutorials below; hopefully you will find something useful!

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— Actor Creation/Killing —

FAQ: How Do I Handle an Actor Death Animation/Sequence?

— Collisions —

FAQ: How Do I Detect When a Collision has Ended?

— Controls —

Emulating Double Taps

— Debug Help —

Help! My Stencyl game is slowing down, freezing, or crashing!

— Drawing —

Making a Pictorial Life Count

— General Physics —

FAQ: Why Does my Actor Stick to Walls?

— Graphics —

FAQ: Why Don’t My Scenes/Tiles Display Correctly?

— Movement —

Basic Grid-Based Movement
Making A Mouse Object Follow A Grid

— Timed Events —

The “Do After” Dilemma: Building Your Own Time Tracking Mechanic


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