Stencyl Corner

Welcome to Photon’s Stencyl Corner! This area is dedicated to Stencyl help and resources. For those of you looking to learn the ropes or pick up some new coding tricks, hopefully you’ll find something that meets your needs!

* * * * *

Tutorial Archive: A list of tutorials I have written for different Stencyl related topics (Note: Quest Pals tutorials are not currently included in this list. They are in their own dedicated section. See below).

Stencyl For Noobs: Feeling a little overwhelmed by the powers of Stencyl? This section is for the beginner who wants to get a handle on the ins and outs of what Stencyl can do.

Quest Pals: An experimental project of mine that has a set of tutorials that coincide with the game itself. You can see visually how a particular element of the game behaves as you do the tutorial!


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