Photon’s the name; it is my game developer handle that I go by on Stencyl.com. A little bit about me: I have been programming since I was in high school, where I first “fell in love” with programming. I have experience in C++, but I prefer Python, where I first got my start in using programming for game development. I have also used the game engine Stencyl to make some games as well.

So why a game developer? Well, its not my official “trade”, per se. I’m going to school for a degree in computer science, but game development is not the focus of that degree. Game development has been something I have wanted to do since I was young though. As I got older, I kind of set it aside, but when I started to get serious about my programming, I began to realize that if I ever wanted to take the opportunity to chase this dream, I needed to go for it. If I waited a year or two, it could turn into five or ten; life gets pretty busy. So I went for it. My academic passion lies in programming, and using that for game design has become a bit of a hobby thing for me.

That said, I take it seriously. I have fun with it, but I do take it seriously. Most of us have pretty busy lives; if you are going to take time out of your day to play MY game, I intend to make it worth your time. Again, we all have lives, myself included. I’ve got family, friends, work, responsiblities, other activities on any given day… so when I set aside some time to work on games, I mean to make it something great. In short, I want to take some bit of pride in the product I deliver.

See, I think a video game is a very interesting thing. It can take us to places that exist only in the recesses of our imagination. It can “empower” us with abilities we normally only dream of. It can tell us touching stories of characters that we can perhaps associate with. And if I’m going to take you on a journey, shouldn’t you enjoy the experience? Maybe it just gives you that five minute chill you need from work. Maybe it helps you unwind from a long day. Or maybe it just makes you feel like a little kid make-believing adventures in your backyard again.

Video games probably won’t solve world hunger, but they can make you smile and take you for a ride. If you’re going to step into the video game I make for even just a little bit, I want it to be worth your time. Why would I make the game otherwise then? Whatever my hand finds itself doing, may it be done mightily. In other words, I intend to put forth some effort.

Ultimately, this blog is about making a difference. Whether you come here to play some games, browse my posts on game development, or are just looking for some inspiration in your own work, I hope you find this place to be one worth visiting.

In closing, thanks for stopping by, and enjoy.



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