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One Size Rarely Fits All

Ah, the entity-component system. It was like (supposedly) finding the silver bullet I’d been dreaming about with programming in a way.┬áIt was a system designed in such a way as to throw off the shackles of multiple inheritance pitfalls and

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1GAM Update 3/15/15

Hey all. What can I say? Basecode, basecode, basecode… I spent pretty much the first half of the month working on ironing out what I’d taken away from the first two months. Now I’m stuck on what is probably one

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Are Traditional RPG Systems Critically Flawed?

RPG’s have certainly bled into all manner of game genres over the last decade and it has produced some interesting results. Whether it be completing an arena challenge or finishing a race, its not surprising to see these events tagged

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Game #2 Complete!

Well, it didn’t turn out as splendidly as I had originally envisioned, but I’m still in the fight. For those interested in my simplistic game for this month’s #1GAM: Seriously, I’m still pretty happy though. If its taken me


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