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LD #27: Solarions!

OK, its a little late, but at least I wasn’t late making the LD deadline! In other words, I did it! Finally finished something for LD this time! So here is my LD27 entry, Solarions: I plan on writing a

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Game Design Elements #1: Timing Skills

So I was thinking about how games are made. When you make a game, your perspective can be so much different than the person who is actually going to play the game. Its inevitable. So when you look at a level and

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LD #27: Codename “Solarions”

First off, it occured to me that not all of you may not know what Ludum Dare is… That aside, I’m about 24 hours in and I have my work-in-progress Solarions. Essentially, you go to a planetoid that has

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LD #27: 10 Seconds

So rather last minute, I decided I wanted to try my hand at LD #27. Not the first time I’ve said I wanted to do it, and probably not the last. Will I finish? Will I even start a game

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GALAGA and the Allure of Power

Well, I’m on vacation right now, and there’s an arcade with GALAGA in it. One of my favorite classic arcade games, for your information. So naturally, I was going to sink some quarters into this old machine. So I’m playing

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FAQ: Why Does my Actor Stick to Walls?

Short answer: probably because your actor has friction set to something above 0. Go to the physics tab of your actor, look under material, and there you can set your actor’s friction to 0. Detailed answer: if we are talking

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Stencyl For Noobs : Animation Handling Basics

This is a “Stencyl For Noobs” guide! This is meant to be a good, concise guide for the beginner or a refresher for the more experienced. Animation Handling Basics What we’re learning: The workings of animations and the basic concepts of managing

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