I’ve moved!

Its been awhile. My game development journey continues, but on a different site:

The Gaming Observatory

A lot has changed since I originally started this site. I’m now a solo indie developer trying to get his first commercial game out into the wild. I’ve moved over to using OpenFL and Haxe directly via the FlashDevelop IDE as well.

The new site is in its infancy still, but I hope you’ll stop on by and continue following my endeavors moving forward. I will leave this site up for the foreseeable future, but I won’t be consistently maintaining it or the materials on it. You’ll have to come to the new site for new stuff, obviously.

In particular, I feel its worth bringing up that I don’t use Stencyl anymore. I know a lot of people still come here for my old tutorials and guides, but being more than a year removed from the platform I’m not in the best position to answer those questions anymore. I’m very glad though that so many people found my material to be helpful, and I hope that in some capacity I can continue to help aspiring developers (of which I am one) realize their gaming dreams.

So this certainly isn’t a “good-bye.” No need to get sentimental! Its just a figurative change of scenery, if you will. And I would be very grateful if you came over to my new site as well! Thanks again for all the support!

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