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Boss Rooms?

I was thinking about an interesting gameplay mechanic: what if there was a game that had no boss rooms? OK, don’t get smart with me; there would still be bosses themselves. Just no traditional boss rooms. You could enter a

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Flash Game R&A : MoneySeize

READ: Check the R&A homepage for an explanation of the various ranking categories. * * * * * PLAY: MoneySeize is a game about a noble gentlemen, collecting coins so that he can build a really, really┬átall tower… the

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Basic Grid-Based Movement

So, you want to make your player walk around based on a grid, do you? Oh boy, that seems pretty hairy and scary, doesn’t it? It wouldn’t be so bad if you just had them jump from space to space

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Making A Mouse Object Follow A Grid

A lot of games arrange game objects in grids. In fact, if you use Stencyl, you may have already noticed tiles are placed on a grid. I probably don’t have to go into too much detail as to why this

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Photon’s Update 07/23/13

Hey all. So, lately I’ve been in a bit of a slump with my game design stuff. In a way, it kind of pertains to what I wrote about last time. I think its possible I’ve been trying to be

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The Incredible Power of a Good Mistake

Sometimes I wonder why. Why can’t I get the motor running when designing a game? Why can’t I seem to motivate myself to sharpen my artistic abilities? Why? Let’s talk about art for a second. I like to sketch, or

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Pixel Ninja On Kongregate!

Hey everyone! Wanted to make a quick note of the fact that I have updated and polished Pixel Ninja (updates such as an in-game medal system and difficulty tweaks) and it is now up on Kongregate! Play it here:

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