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Progress Report on Progress Itself?

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! In my last post, I mentioned something about logging my programming time. I’d like to expound on that a bit more. I’ve only been doing it for a little under two weeks, but basically

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Project Flux: Post-LD31 Engine Project

The ginormous¬†engine rewrite has been underway from the LD31 experience. Currently, my ECS is going by the name “Flux,” a name that is meant to reference the transformative nature of game objects and ECS in general. As part of getting

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LD31 Postmortem

The game-making period for LD31 has drawn to a close. And the results? Well, unfortunately, I didn’t quite make it. The major change in my development approach really slowed me down. Its disappointing for sure, as Ludum Dare really is

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LD31 Update

Been over a day now since things kicked off so I think its appropriate I give an update. Yesterday involved a bit of indecisiveness and concern. Having not really dived into a hard-coded game project in awhile, it started pretty

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Ludum Dare 31 is a GO!

The theme this year is “Entire Game on One Screen.” Gotta keep it interesting, don’t they? I wanna come up with something that’s not simply on one screen to be on one screen, but something that makes sense/thrives because


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ECS Quest: Part 3

Three days in a row! How about that! But tomorrow’s the dreaded Monday, so… anyway, I’m actually gonna keep this brief because… yeah, tomorrow’s Monday, so… Today I realized that I didn’t have proper runtime debugging set up; that’s a

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