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Photon’s “Steps” for Beginning Game Devs

Well… I’ve been at this whole game design thing for over a year now. Its still definitely a work-in-progress, but I’ve been trying! Having been at it for awhile and watching other game designers, I decided I wanted to share

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Game Design Elements #5: The End-goal

Let’s face it: a game is pretty pointless if you don’t have some sort of goal for the player to strive for. But let’s face it (again): do you have any idea how easy it is to neglect this? If one

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Looking Ahead…

So now that the initial game development of Ludum Dare 28 is done and over with, what lies ahead for me in the game design world? Let’s see… Back to the 30/30 ChallengeI still plan to get back to this

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“Batteries Not Included” Post-Mortem

In case you haven’t played yet: So, my second Ludum Dare  is in the bag and in my opinion, I think it went A LOT better than last time. The game is significantly more polished and I’m very pleased with

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Batteries Not Included is Live!

Phew. Made it. Here it is: I’ll probably update the Games page in the near future and write a post-mortem. But I’m a little worn out from doing LD alongside exams, so… maybe later. 😛 Big thanks to Max

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LD 28 Progress Update

Things are progressing nicely. The majority of robot functionality is complete except for some specific field object interactions. Battery management is up and running too. Things are going pretty smoothly! Below is a screenshot of what is currently level 3

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Early Prototype of LD Entry Pretty basic and maybe a little quirky, but it can at least give you a little idea of what’s going on.

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Ludum Dare 28 : Batteries Not Included

Announcing my game concept for Ludum Dare 28! It’s called Batteries Not Included! Based on the theme “You Only Get One”, you take control of three separate robots who all have to share the same battery. Each robot has his own

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30/30 Unit #03 – Quick Shift

Quick little puzzle game that was kind of a test run at setting up a 2D puzzle grid, if you will… Units #03 – Quick Shift The game starts with a scrambled picture. Click a piece to move it into the

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30/30 Unit #02 – Rock Paper Scissors Attack

This time I went with a nice little puzzle idea… Unit #02 – Rock Paper Scissors Attack Basically, as the different tiles rain down from the top of the screen, fire back the appropriate attack to erase it. But there’s a

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