Game #2 Complete!

Well, it didn’t turn out as splendidly as I had originally envisioned, but I’m still in the fight. For those interested in my simplistic game for this month’s #1GAM:

Seriously, I’m still pretty happy though. If its taken me this long to straighten out my basecode (and its not done yet!) then its a good thing I got started on it.

So what’s the plan for this month?

  • Keep refining the basecode; hopefully it may even be ready for some heavier lifting for April’s Ludum Dare.
  • On the same note, figure out how to display text in Haxe. It may not be difficult, I just haven’t really tried it yet.
  • Figure out why the windows .exe builds appear to run at a lower framerate. Its runs fine but it looks just a touch choppier. I’m not sure if its some internal setting I’m missing or what, but its kind of annoying. Furthermore, if its a problem with my code, it should be fixed (but Flash builds being faster than Windows builds?)
  • Set up a proper debug environment. I can sort of debug but its not really rigged to FlashDevelop. Again, another thing I more or less may just need to take an hour or two to figure out.

Month three is here. Let’s go!

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