LD31 Update

Been over a day now since things kicked off so I think its appropriate I give an update.

Yesterday involved a bit of indecisiveness and concern. Having not really dived into a hard-coded game project in awhile, it started pretty slow. My base code was far enough along that I wasn’t sloshing through super basic stuff but it was still pretty generic nonetheless. Plus, when you switch from one programming paradigm to another, it can REALLY jar you. All that being said, I’ve taken some notes about what I want to change with my new “engine” moving forward, and I already feel like I’ve learned a lot. I can expound more in a later post.

I did consider going back to using a game development tool; I really want to finish the game idea I have, and its simple enough. I toyed with the idea and even replicated most of my work for the day in my previous tool of choice in probably close to 30 minutes. Yeah…

But then I considered I was taking the easy way out. It’s not just about finishing the game but about growing as a game developer. If I bail on my current aspirations because its too hard, how far will I get that way? The tool in question wasn’t a bad choice by any stretch, but it was dodging a primary objective of participating in the jam. So I’m sticking it out with my new base code…

Don’t have a whole lot to show on the game, but I’m aiming for the jam (72-hour) and things are starting to click on the faster gears (I hope?) Not giving up, and for those others of you participating, hopefully you’re staying at it too!

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