Gearing Up

First off, I’m not sure what happened with my last post and its blank-edyness. Sorry.

So I’ve been relatively quiet lately. I started my new full-time programming job roughly six months ago (I can’t remember if I posted about this already,) and its kept me quite busy and, to be honest, worn out at times. Lately though I’ve been chipping away at things, and the hope is to have a head of steam built up when the upcoming Ludum Dare 31 takes off. I missed the last one because… well, that was even closer to the start of my new job and it was rather apparent I was not zoned in for it. I figured out that, now that I’m working a full-time job, I may have to be a bit more deliberate in my efforts. This time I’m prepping a bit more.

I must say, I’m pleasantly surprised to see that traffic for this blog has been adequately steady over the past months. Thanks guys! As we get closer to Ludum Dare and I fire up the game designer’s engine, watch for updates. I want to talk a bit more about what I’ve been doing lately, but I’m not quite to the point yet where I want to share. Perhaps a loose end or two to tie up, but hopefully soon.

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