Looking Ahead…

So now that the initial game development of Ludum Dare 28 is done and over with, what lies ahead for me in the game design world? Let’s see…

  • Back to the 30/30 ChallengeI still plan to get back to this relatively soon. I’ve had some family coolness going on this past week and the wonderful holidays are upon us, but do not fear. I think it’s still a great challenge for myself and it will help my overall dev skills in the long run.
  • Post-Compo Version of the LD 28 entry “Batteries Not Included”

    I feel like Max and I did pretty well on this thing. I’m thinking I’d like to add some more levels among other features such as a cumulative high score for end-level battery power and “medals” for completing levels with certain amounts of juice left. Due to the constraints of the LD timeframe, I feel there is potential still left to be taken with the gameplay and its concepts. When and if I touch all of it up (and Max is cool with putting it elsewhere), I’d like to stick it on Kongregate and see how it does.
  • The Dawn of a Bigger Project…?

    There’s something about this game (it’s my LD 27 entry)…

    While I finish the post-compo version of “Batteries Not Included” and I work the 30/30 challenge, I may start writing up and brainstorming a new design and re-haul for this game. Will the mighty Belchworm yet belch once more?

    Maybe in due time…

In short, I feel Ludum Dare 28 really was a nice kick of energy. I felt excited to get another game out into the open, and hopefully that trend will continue. Stick with it!

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