30/30 Unit #03 – Quick Shift

Quick little puzzle game that was kind of a test run at setting up a 2D puzzle grid, if you will…


Units #03 – Quick Shift

The game starts with a scrambled picture. Click a piece to move it into the empty space if its adjacent. Rearrange and put the puzzle back together in 30 seconds to win!

Basically, this was an experiment with interacting between different nodes in a pseudo 2D array (pseudo because they aren’t actually packed into an actual array). Ended up being rather clean and easy to make! It was also a nice way to start wrapping my head around what perhaps should be streamlined and carried over into a base framework.

Anyway, you all might have to wait a bit longer on the executables. I haven’t quite managed that yet, and the reality is that I’m in the home stretch for my school semester, which means deadlines and exams ahoy! In short, I’ve just been a bit on the busy side and reality is I only have so much time in my day. It may be a little bit before you see another unit, but expect it to come! Also, I am still planning to participate in Ludum Dare this weekend! I’m planning on keeping that simple too, but I’m not sure I want to miss out there even because of school! We’ll see how it pans out. So stay tuned!

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