30/30 Unit #02 – Rock Paper Scissors Attack

This time I went with a nice little puzzle idea…


Unit #02 – Rock Paper Scissors Attack

Basically, as the different tiles rain down from the top of the screen, fire back the appropriate attack to erase it. But there’s a catch: fire the wrong piece (anything that wouldn’t win) and it becomes corrupted and joins the other falling pieces! Keep your cool and repel the monstrosity for 30 seconds to win! The bad pieces ramp up in frequency as you move along, however…

Post-mortem and executable hopefully to come later. I’ve been quite busy lately, and I’m thinking I may need to divert my attention (or lack thereof) elsewhere to other matters. But I at least wanted to take some time to post my progress. All the same, stay tuned for more on the 30/30 challenge.

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