“Just Desserts” : Little Big Cube

For awhile now, I’ve wanted to do something to highlight different games I’ve come across. Game design can be challenging and rough; often the work can be large with a payoff that is small. Even if you bring something above par to the table, getting noticed in the flood of games on Kongregate, Gamejolt, etc. can be really tough, let alone trying to sell the actual game yourself!

Well, it may not be the equivalent of a big Flash sponsorship or front-page post on a big site, but here’s a little something I came up with to compliment and encourage game devs. Time for someone to get their…

“Just Desserts!”

Today’s Award Recipients:

joewan and Little Big Cube

Screenshot LBC

For Stencyl Jam #13, joewan delivers this mellow, simple puzzle game. As you might be able to tell from the snapshot, the box is moved from position to position (only stopping when it hits something like a wall) and must collect all the small cubes to advance to the next level. It keeps things pretty straightforward with a few small twists thrown in. Its kind of short at only 14 levels long, but it delivers a nice fun burst.

In fact, I might argue its length is just right. The game feels pretty low-pressure and relaxing to me most of the time, and you don’t feel this need to press on and conquer some 50+ levels. Typically one might ask for more levels and play length, but here I feel rather content. What little twists it does have thrown in are not abused excessively but utilized quite effectively. And if you still have an itch for a little more puzzle busting, you can go back and try to complete the puzzles under their movement pars to earn their respective stars. All in all, it does short and sweet and does it well.

Therefore, I bequeath upon joewan and Little Big Cube the…

Vanilla Ice Cream x2

Vanilla Ice Cream Award!

For keeping it smooth and simple while keeping it sweet and enjoyable. Congratulations!

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