“Photon used Slash Attack on Scope!”

Well, we’re about half-way through November, so it may be time to start more seriously considering the scope of my current project if I haven’t already. I did some planning mixed with charging headlong into the thick of it, and now that I’m getting back into the groove of Python game programming I’m beginning to see some of the hidden complexities that I may have anticipated but couldn’t quite see clearly.

For instance, today I was thinking about how I wanted my game’s attacks and moves to work. Sure, I had lots of ideas on the kind of stuff I could do: health draining moves, status attacks, etc. But the reality is, I have to build a system that can facilitate all that. Duh. I was trying to design something open-ended that would allow me some flexibility in how I designed attacks, but that’s easier said than done. I decided I needed to write down and “set in stone” the scope of my attack possibilities, make sure the system facilitated that, and then stick with that scope for that factor of combat.

Some good news though: I think I found some CC music I’m going to use in my game! I’m kind of picky about my music, but I actually found some stuff I like. Right now, I’ve got four tracks selected for normal menus, pre-battle menus, normal battles, and boss battles. The music is from DST at http://www.nosoapradio.us/, who I will be properly crediting in my game. Thanks #1GAM for pointing me to that resource!

I still think my game is doable. Once I hammer out the combat system and get it bug-free, that will be a HUGE step in the right direction. The biggest things past that, as I foresee them, are going to be the simple customization handling, content generation for all those equips I want, and GRAPHICS! I’m thinking I’m going to stay simple on that latter one… maybe something 8-bit or otherwise retrotastic? Hmm… keep on chugging…

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