LD October Challenge 2013: Day 12

Hey everyone. My Thursday and Friday ended up being quite long and eventful, and I was feeling a little burned out. On top of that, I might be getting sick. But who wants to hear about my woes? C’mon, y’all wanna hear about the GAME, right? So despite another absence, I knew I needed to get back into it before I let my rhythm get too heavily jarred.

So I’m chugging along. I started programming resettable game objects today, like the fading/crumbling platform. I’ve also brushed up the resetting power a bit so it doesn’t cause cloning (start position player and new position player). I actually think the programming and stuff is going to be a bit simpler than I anticipated. Again, I think simplicity will be my friend here. I just think its going to be a matter of picking up my pace just a bit so I can make the October deadline, as I still have some graphical and musical stuff to think about.

So I still don’t have a whole lot to show, but I’m trying to keep some form of steady pace. I chose Stencyl because I know its good for rapid game-making and publishing a Flash game gives me an easy target. Stay tuned for some (hopefully) more substantial updates in the near future!

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