LD October Challenge 2013: Day 7


Oh, what’s that? Oh right, there’s another game I should be talking about other than Mighty No. 9. Or maybe not. Well, anyway…

Actually, I’m feeling a bit more motivated (slightly because of the latter; see my tactly entitled post “?!?!?!”). I got a rough version of the reset power working today. With Stencyl, it’s pretty easy to get what I’m going for by using scene reloads and then properly accounting for the new player position. I’ll have to think about non-resettable key items later as well. I’ll probably work on fine-tuning some physics-related parts of the game before I progress too much farther on actual level building, of course.

So yeah, progress. So… can I go back to posting about Mighty No. 9 now? Haha…

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