Why didn’t someone tell me about this sooner?! DUDES.

I mean, I just wanted to post about it because I’m such a huge MegaMan fan. INSANE! But now that I think about it, what guts on the part of Keiji Inafune. How many of us sit around thinking about how awesome it would be to make a game like MegaMan, but instead just sigh and pass it off as a distant dream? We think we can’t make a creative world filled with characters and environments like the bigger names and realize we don’t want to or can’t just clone them more or less due to copyrights (I’ve thought about how cool it would be to work on a MegaMan game. Seriously, who hasn’t looked at one of their favorite game series and thought something like that?).

And here’s Keiji Inafune, who’s been more or less denied the ability to continue the legacy of the Blue Bomber, and he goes and makes MegaMan’s lovechild anyway. Just wow. It makes me think about what’s possible for me as a game designer in some sense.

Expect me to be paying attention to this. If only I’d known about this before the Kickstarter ended…

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