LD October Challenge 2013: Day 2

So today, I did more brainstorming. I decided to start jotting down the different things that could have an impact on the game if they were reset. Among some of the interesting ideas:

  • Single-use items that can be reset and used again. You might have a bomb for instance, and three blocked gateways. You might use the bomb on one gateway, do what you need to, and then reset to get the bomb back for another gateway (while blocking off the other again). Perhaps the player might need to get a key from one area first before going to another blocked area (remember that the player’s status, such as collected items, is unaffected by a reset).
  • Trap walls and ceilings. A spiked ceiling might continually move down and the player would have to reset before he gets crushed.
  • Movable objects. You might need to move a crate over a trap so you can get over it. But what happens if you traverse the trap, reset and put the box back, putting the trap between you and the box?

I think, creatively speaking, tactically mixing different elements together in a level will be what causes the player “grief”. “I need to reset, but if I do, that door is going to close on me.” Stuff like that. So the gears are certainly turning!

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