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Photon’s Update 08/14/2013

Hello all you people out there you actually know I exist. Kudos to you… for I still do, indeed, exist. So… how’s everyone doing? All right, all right… on to business then. It occured to me that despite the fact

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FAQ: How Do I Detect When A Collision Has Ended?

In Stencyl, detecting when a collision occured is handled through the collision event/detector. However, there is no such events for when collisions are NOT occuring. Thus the question comes up somewhat frequently as to how one detects when a collision is

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Stencyl for Noobs : Timed Events

WARNING: This article was written for Stencyl 2.x. With the release of Stencyl 3.0, some of this information may be outdated. An update to this article may come in the near future. This is a “Stencyl For Noobs” guide!¬†This is

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