LD #27: Codename “Solarions”

First off, it occured to me that not all of you may not know what Ludum Dare is…


That aside, I’m about 24 hours in and I have my work-in-progress Solarions.

Essentially, you go to a planetoid that has been overtaken by the evil Graycog Inc. to help the solar-powered, resident Solarions take back their homeworld. However, due to the massive smog levels produced by Graycog, the Solarions are much weaker than normal, and can only enter a high state of activity for 10 seconds. However, their numbers are very large… and if you can manage your forces well, Graycog is defeatable!

Each Solarion has its set of attributes, such as how long it takes it to move one space on the battle grid, how long it takes it to charge an attack, etc. Balancing all of this is critical to your battle strategy. Do you need someone fast to rush the backline of your enemy, or are you going for a slower, harder-hitting beast who can repel foes knocking at your door? Remember, each Solarion only has 10 seconds before going back into a hibernative state. When you place a Solarion on the field, be sure it’s going to be able to make the most of its sparse solar energy!

I’ve made quite a bit of progress up to this point, but still there’s a lot to do.

  • Graphics for more Solarions and the Graycog forces. I’m planning roughly 10-15 Solarions and 5-10 Graycog robos, though those numbers could potentially slip if things get down to the line.
  • I’ve programmed a grid system into Stencyl, and have some characters capable of moving across it. They can also detect when another character is blocking their way and wait accordingly. Still need to program in enemies to fight and then the actual combat itself.
  • Menus and hopefully some sort of statistic screen to view Solarion species’ stats.
  • Some sort of overworld navigation? I’m not sure I’ll do this or not, but it was part of the original brainstorm plan.

At this point, I think I’m aiming to enter this in the 72 hour jam rather than the regular competition.  Honestly, I just want to finish and submit my first LD game, and I may end up getting some help on the music from my brother. So we’ll see what happens.

Anyway, I’m thinking I might close the computer for a bit here soon. Take a break, let it cool down… then get back to it!

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