LD #27: 10 Seconds

So rather last minute, I decided I wanted to try my hand at LD #27. Not the first time I’ve said I wanted to do it, and probably not the last. Will I finish? Will I even start a game this time? Who knows, but I’m willing to get the engine started up. And frankly, I’d like to finish another game sometime in this century.

So the theme is 10 Seconds. My initial thoughts:

  • Unless its something ridiculously unique, avoid using bombs and minigame compilations. Those could easily get flogged to the death this competition.
  • Obviously this has to be something time-based (or does it?… no, I think it does). But how can I really turn this into something unique? How can I do something that no one has seen before or that they weren’t expecting? It’s one of the ways I think about game design, personally.
  • It may happen, but I’m thinking I want to avoid something that involves straight ten second sequences. Like levels, for instance, that are meant to take ten seconds. I’m thinking I want to make the ten seconds something of value… like you only get ten seconds to do (insert-action-here) out of the five minutes you have. How will you spend it? Something more along the lines of that, but I’m still not sure.

Anybody else have any thoughts thus far?

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