Don’t Stop

Do you ever get to like the 80% or 90% completion point on your game and then suddenly… you just feel burned out?

Maybe you saved the “worst” stuff for last. Maybe you’ve grown bored for some reason. Maybe you just can’t find the motivation, or really you truly are just burned out.

Don’t stop, though.

Do what you have to. Take a break for a couple hours or maybe even a whole day. But do what you have to do to FINISH. Find the motivation. Keep your eyes on the prize. JUST GET IT DONE! Even when you can’t seem to find the desire, just sit down and work on it anyway. In a sense, force yourself. Do you really want all that hard work to go to waste now?

This is kind of where I am with G-Team. I’m soooooo close, but I’m kind of ready to be done with this thing. But I’ve been pressing forward, tying up loose ends, and getting ready to roll it out. I don’t intend to let this game go unfinished.

Get out your trusty checklist. Focus, focus, focus. Take a deep breath and stay collected. Don’t drive yourself crazy, but don’t get lazy either. And finally, DON’T STOP.

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